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Frequently Asked Questions

When can a student inroll in a class and obtain learners permit?

  • 14 1/2 years of age
  • Completion of 30 hours classroom instruction AND/OR currently attending a classroom session
  • Completion of the MV3001 form after school instructor signs the form.
  • MV3001 forms can not be issued prior to a student attending A class.

After obtainig learners permit a student will need.

  • 30 hours of parental supervised driving. 10 of hours driving at night.
  • 6 hours of instructional driving with school instructor and 6 hours of observation. 

Documents needed By the DOT when you quire your learners permit.

Eligibility to obtain regular class D license. requirements. 

  • Successful completion of 30 required classroom hours
  • Successful completion of 12 hours of instructed BTW 6 driving 6 observation
  • You have held your permit for a minimum of 6 months from the date of learners permit.

DMV for my road test?

You need your Social Security number, the drive log indicating that you have completed a minimum of 30 BTW hours, and your Temps. After your final drive, Life on The Road Driving school will enter you into the states data base for completion of the class and BTW lessons. 


If a student is under 18, for the first nine months of holding the probationary license the student may drive but with the following restrictions:

  1. From 5 AM to midnight, a student may drive alone and travel anywhere. In addition, any number of immediate family members (including legal guardian) and the following people can be passengers: ? Two people, one of which must hold a valid regular (non-probationary) license with at least 2 years driving experience, and one who is a person 21 or older or a qualified instructor or spouse 19 or older.
  2. From midnight to 5 AM and if driving between home, school, and/or work, a student may drive alone. In addition, a student can have the same passengers as listed in number one above. If driving anywhere else, students must have one of the following people in the vehicle:
    • a parent or guardian
    • any number of immediate family members and one other person
    • one person who holds a valid regular (non-probationary) license with 2 years of licensed driving experience and one person who is a person 21 or older, a spouse 19 or older, or a qualified instructor 19 or older.
  3. Restrictions will be extended 6 months if the student does any of the following:
    • is convicted of a moving traffic violation
    • violates any of the restrictions
    • has license revoked or suspended for any reason
  4. Note:The terms of the passenger and time-of-day restriction stops while any operating privilege is suspended or revoked. It resumes again when the operating privilege is reinstated.?

If you have questions about the Wisconsin Graduated Driver License, check out the Wisconsin DOT website, e-mail the Wisconsin DMV, or call 608-266-2353.



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